Training Providers, Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Website!

Nov 8th, 2012 | By | Category: Training Business Tips

Your website is one of the most important tools of your business.  Make sure you’re not turning away visitors with this simple mistake!

We’ve been noticing that many training companies have their websites configured to be accessed by using the “www” prefix.  To illustrate, if your domain was “”, business cards and website addresses would be referenced by “”.  Nothing wrong with that, but make sure your web host or web developer (or you if you’re the one responsible!) sets up an alias for “” as well!

In fact, we’d recommend setting up an alias for “”, “”, and “” that redirects to your preferred format.  This prevents typos and we’ve seen some really sad examples where a training company’s website looks down or their domain looks available for sale if you don’t type in the “www.”!  Test this out with your current website and make sure everything is OK.

Resources for how to add the aliases will be available in your Domain Registrar’s help files, or you can call your resident techie.  Don’t let a simple issue like this cause you to lose prospective students or course registrations!

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