A Quick, Simple, and Free Facebook Marketing Tip that will Increase Awareness of Your Training Courses

Jan 9th, 2013 | By | Category: Training Business Tips

Here’s a simple Facebook strategy that won’t take you much time, and will get the word out about the courses you offer to an audience of potentially like minded prospects.

This brilliant idea came from Kentec Training, a work at height and safety training provider based in the South of England.  They run a variety of training courses from their purpose-built facility in Tonbridge along with iFacebook logon-house trainings.  After a delegate completes the instruction sessions on one of their courses, there is typically an exam or quiz they require the student to pass prior to receiving a paper certificate via the post.

Kentec Training went one step further on issuing certificates, and began taking “graduation” photos with each successful student.  They then uploaded the pictures to Facebook, then made sure to tag the student on Facebook.  Now each student’s friends, family, and colleagues can see the photo, like it, and be informed about Kentec’s offerings.  Employers can also see that the course was completed in a pinch by observing the photo provided by the student, if necessary.

It’s a form of hyper-social marketing to potential prospects (most people have friends and colleagues in similar industries as themselves) that’s extremely personal, likely to get shared and commented on, and could lead to more traffic and business.  It’s also free and doesn’t take much time, while growing your Facebook presence.

Spend a few minutes taking a picture, uploading it, and tagging your students and they’ll  increase awareness of your business and course offerings – now that’s what we call effective Facebook marketing!

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