5 Tips for Incorporating Blended Learning

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Blended learning is not new terminology, and will be familiar to many of you. Some of you will already be running blended learning programmes, indeed some of you are using Administrate to deliver the e-learning component.


Learning activity that takes place online, results in time spent in the classroom being maximised and even reduced. This allows for much more flexible scheduling, while maintaining personal contact between the instructor and classmates.

It’s widely accepted that e-learning is not a standalone solution and that the most effective methods involve incorporating different strategies to maximise knowledge acquisition and skill development.

If you are considering offering blended learning programmes here are our top tips:

  1. Be clear about the learning culture of the organisation. Every organisation is different and will influence the makeup of the programme.
  2. Adapt the programme to fit the constraints of employees’ day-to-day activities. For example, learners sitting on a help desk, or in a similar role, have little control over their own time. These individuals are unlikely to have the autonomy to plan periods of self-study or e-learning in the workplace.
  3. Allow for individual learning preferences. Individuals acquire knowledge through a blend of many different experiences such as story-telling, observation, collaboration, trial and error, guided practice, application and experimentation. Your Blended Learning programme should be built upon these same learning principles to ensure maximum benefit from the programme.
  4. Pilot the programme to test your new approach – become aware of areas that need adapting or fine-tuning.
  5. Available technical resource – if the target group of employees has limited access to the internet, online learning might not be the best option.

Creating a truly effective Blended Learning solution, using the best balance of learning components and fitting within the organisational and cultural parameters is not easy. You may not get everything right first time but, by monitoring and improving your solution, you will quickly see the value of this approach.

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  1. Bob Sabra says:

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