Enhancing Face to Face Training with Virtual Classrooms

Jun 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Software and Tools

You may not conduct eLearning in your training business but that doesn’t mean that a Learning Management System (LMS) isn’t for you – there are dedicated features of most LMS offerings that are invaluable for supporting live training.

The LMS – Not Just for eLearning

While some clients use the LMS solely for eLearning purposes, there is a wealth of possibilities to effectively support live, face to face training, both before and after the course. The days of downloading and installing clunky software to each device are over and now, the solution lies in comprehensive, online software.

Before the Course Commences

Before courses take place you can make available some essential reading, conduct pre-course assessments and encourage interaction between students and their peers or instructors. Giving students an area to interact and find information before the course even begins will allow them to be prepared and ready for learning by the time they show up at your door.

Leverage your LMS after a Training Finishes

You can use the virtual classroom within the LMS after the course has finished to manage feedback and encourage on-going discussions about what has been learned.  Group discussions can often provide significant value add to your courses well after the course has finished.  Even better – have instructors pop in to offer guidance and keep the forum alive as a marketing channel for upcoming class offerings.

Virtual classrooms are such a benefit that you could consider offering this as a service that your students can subscribe to for continued access to the course tools and the on-going support network available. By commercialising the virtual classrooms within your current offering, you are not only encouraging students to further their learning but it also gives the opportunity to extend the value delivered to your customers and potentially opening up another income stream for your business.

How are you leveraging eLearning in your training business?

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